UAE Police Issues Warning on Children Electronic Exploitation

Sharjah Police has issued a warning regarding the electronic exploitation of children, identifying them as a particularly vulnerable group targeted by fraudsters.

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These individuals entice children with fake prizes in an attempt to gain access to their parents' bank card information, ultimately aiming to seize funds from these accounts.

Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amer, the Deputy Commander of Sharjah Police, made the announcement at the Khor Fakkan Corniche during the opening of the Sharjah Awareness Week platform. The purpose of the event is to enable community members to successfully address the escalating difficulties associated with digital security. It accomplishes this by outlining different kinds of dangers and providing countermeasures on six platforms as part of the "Be Aware" campaign. The programme tackles problems including fraud, electronic extortion, and drug misuse prevention.

Bin Amer emphasised that the traffic awareness platform within the initiative aims to promote safe behaviour on the roads, contributing to a safer traffic environment. Visitors are educated about the importance of adhering to traffic laws, accompanied by an exhibition focused on informing mountain sports practitioners about potential risks and safe practices.

Khor Fakkan was selected as the location for these awareness platforms because of its important function as a hub for social interaction among a variety of societal groups, including residents and citizens. Bin Amer emphasised how unique the city is in the Eastern Region.

Ibrahim Abdullah, First Assistant in the Electronic Crimes Branch at Sharjah Police General Command, shed light on the tactics employed by fraudsters targeting children. Exploiting the innocence of children, these individuals establish friendship-like relationships to gain trust and extract personal information. The end goal is to facilitate the theft of parents' bank account details, utilising threat strategies within their plan. Children are coerced by the fear of losing in-game opportunities or exceptional features if they fail to provide the requested information.

Moreover, Sharjah Police is proactively addressing the electronic exploitation of children, recognising the importance of raising awareness to safeguard young individuals from potential threats in the digital realm.

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