UAE Police Grants Enhanced Security Amidst Celebration & Fireworks Restrictions

In a bid to enforce regulations and prevent festive gatherings and fireworks displays in solidarity with Gaza, the Sharjah Police General Command has implemented robust security measures.

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Rigorous Security Measures for Festive Compliance

These efforts involve the deployment of 362 military and civilian patrols, along with 933 policemen, across various cities in the Emirate of Sharjah. This strategic move is part of an extensive security and traffic plan devised to ensure public safety.

Comprehensive Security and Traffic Plan in Action

The Sharjah Police General Command underscores its commitment to societal security by utilising a comprehensive security and traffic plan. With the deployment of a considerable number of patrols and law enforcement personnel, the plan aims to address potential violations and uphold public safety during festive occasions.

Harnessing human and technical resources

Emphasising the importance of collective safety, the General Command's work teams have harnessed both human and technical capabilities. The integration of these resources is pivotal in achieving the utmost security for society. The police force is dedicated to providing support and swift responses to the public while ensuring strict adherence to announced controls and instructions related to festive activities.

Cooperation is encouraged for public security.

The Sharjah Police General Command urges the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in enhancing public security. Citizens are encouraged to report any violations related to festive appearances or fireworks displays by contacting the Central Operations Room at the designated number 901. This collaborative approach is seen as essential to maintaining a secure environment for all.

Celebrating joyful times responsibly

While emphasising the importance of adhering to regulations, the General Command encourages residents to enjoy their festive times responsibly throughout the cities of Sharjah. The Emirate boasts distinguished tourist destinations, and the police's efforts aim to ensure that celebrations remain safe and in compliance with established guidelines.

Moreover, the Sharjah Police General Command's heightened security measures and comprehensive plan signify a proactive approach to maintaining public safety during festive occasions. The call for cooperation from the public underscores the shared responsibility of upholding security and adhering to regulations.

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