UAE Police caution parents to safeguard their children from online blackmailing

Abu Dhabi Police has issued a call to parents, urging increased vigilance and supervision over their children to safeguard them from potential dangers posed by blackmail and abuse through social media and online games.

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The police emphasise the prevalence of threats such as bullying, harassment, and the solicitation of compromising photos and information, which may implicate young individuals in immoral activities.

The police appeal to the community at large, underscoring the critical importance of monitoring children's online activities. They specifically highlight the risk of electronic blackmail, where individuals impersonate girls to befriend youngsters, subsequently threatening to expose their private data and personal photos through digital channels. This malicious intent often aims at extracting material gains, information, or fulfilling personal desires.

Emphasising the need for community awareness, Abu Dhabi Police point out the deceptive tactics employed by online predators who exploit the vulnerability of young people. In response to these threats, the police recommend the use of the Aman service, a security communication channel that operates 24/7. This platform allows community members to share information related to security, community issues, and traffic concerns. It serves as a proactive tool for preventing crimes and maintaining complete confidentiality.

The Aman service actively addresses cases of blackmail through various communication channels, including the toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626), text messages (2828), and email ([email protected]). By encouraging the community to utilise these channels, Abu Dhabi Police aims to create a collaborative approach to ensure the safety of young individuals in the digital realm. The proactive measures outlined by the police underscore the commitment to preventing crimes before they occur and creating a secure online environment for everyone.

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