UAE opens its doors to the tenth group of wounded Palestinian children

On the orders of UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the tenth group of wounded Palestinian youngsters and cancer patients arrived in the UAE today for medical care.

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In public healthcare facilities throughout the United Arab Emirates, this project aims to treat 1,000 Gaza-based cancer patients and 1,000 wounded Palestinian youth.

The aircraft, which took off from Al-Arish Airport, touched down at Abu Dhabi International Airport with 86 patients and their families in need of medical assistance.

Upon arrival, families expressed gratitude to the UAE and its leadership for the humanitarian initiative, which offers comprehensive medical care. They praised the country's swift response and support for the Palestinian people, commending the efforts of medical and volunteer teams. State hospitals prioritise providing top-tier healthcare for cancer patients, guided by the leadership's directives. Since the crisis's onset, the UAE has provided urgent humanitarian and relief aid to Gaza, launching the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation to support Palestinians.

Before the tenth wave arrived, state hospitals had seen 474 cases of injured Palestinian children and cancer patients, according to "Gallant Knight 3" figures. In addition, 3,575 cases have been sent to the Emirati field hospital in Gaza. Apart from providing medical assistance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set up a field hospital in Gaza consisting of more than 150 beds and started six water desalination facilities in the Egyptian Rafah region to meet Gaza's water requirements.

The "Compassion for Gaza" campaign is an attempt to provide basic requirements to the most vulnerable people in order to benefit Palestinian children and families affected by the catastrophe.

Continuing its efforts, the UAE has sponsored 33 students from Gaza to study at the United Arab Emirates University, exemplifying its commitment to supporting Palestinians and mitigating the humanitarian crisis they face. These initiatives underscore the UAE's long-standing dedication to humanitarian relief and solidarity with those in need.

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