UAE offers free surgeries at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah on Zayed Humanitarian Day

Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, under the umbrella of the Emirates Health Services Corporation, recently organized a series of complimentary surgical procedures targeting individuals with limited financial means.

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This initiative coincided with the "Zayed Humanitarian Work Day," an annual observance in the UAE commemorating the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, celebrated on the 19th of Ramadan each year.

Afraa Salem, the Director of Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, underscored the hospital's active participation in the "Zayed Humanitarian Work Day" as a testament to its dedication to perpetuating Sheikh Zayed's ethos of philanthropy and support for the less fortunate. This commitment reflects the deep-rooted culture of humanitarianism and collaborative efforts in Emirati society, which serves as a cornerstone for societal development. By providing surgical interventions to individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and visiting patients, the hospital aims to uphold the fundamental principles of compassion and solidarity, thereby contributing to the betterment of society.

Moreover, the administration of Kuwait Hospital orchestrated a compassionate outreach program, involving hospital staff visiting patients across various departments to monitor their well-being and offer tokens of goodwill. This endeavor seeks to foster a culture of mutual support and solidarity, nurturing the noble values championed by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It symbolizes the ongoing commitment to altruism and benevolence, carried forward by visionary leadership.

Kuwait Hospital's initiative aligns with the broader national agenda of promoting humanitarian endeavors and advancing societal cohesion. By embodying the spirit of compassion and generosity espoused by Sheikh Zayed, the hospital contributes to the enrichment of community life and elevates the UAE's stature on both regional and global platforms.

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