UAE: Kalba Residents Prepare for Rain with Temporary Relocation Strategy

As Kalba continues its recuperation from the recent floods that struck the region a few days ago, residents are bracing themselves for another bout of rain forecast to hit the UAE on Sunday and Monday.

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With the memories of recent challenges still vivid, they are taking proactive measures to ensure their safety and protect their belongings.

In anticipation of the upcoming weather forecast, many residents are vigilantly monitoring updates from local authorities and weather reports. Drawing from the lessons learned during the recent flooding, individuals are taking steps to mitigate potential risks.

Abubackar Siddique, a resident of Kalba, is carefully following weather updates to ensure the safety of his possessions. "After enduring the consequences of flooding, we are being extra cautious in safeguarding our valuables, including passports, crucial documents, electronics, and jewelry," Siddique remarked. "We have moved the majority of our belongings to safer locations, while those that can be salvaged are being placed on the terrace to dry," he further explained.

Residents are revisiting and updating their evacuation plans in light of previous experiences. They are preparing essential items and emergency supplies, ensuring they are readily accessible. Community members are pooling resources, sharing information, and supporting each other in readiness for the impending rain. Social organizations continue to play a pivotal role in coordinating assistance efforts.

Mohammed Nabeel, who serves as the president of the Kairali Cultural Association Fujairah, Kalba Unit, stressed the necessity of being prepared. "Thanks to substantial support from authorities, we have acquired knowledge about evacuation protocols in flood situations. Our aim is to prevent a recurrence of such events," Nabeel commented. "Numerous individuals residing in areas prone to flooding are arranging temporary stays at the residences of their acquaintances and family members," he mentioned, underscoring the organization's commitment to assisting in evacuation efforts.

Residents are taking precautionary measures to safeguard their vehicles from potential damage, such as parking cars on higher ground. Ravi Puttoor, a resident of Kalba, emphasized the significance of this measure by mentioning the harm that many vehicles sustained during the most recent floods. Recovery trucks are on standby, prepared to assist residents in emergencies or with vehicle-related issues. Shahid Kamal, a member of the vehicle recovery team operating in Kalba, assured prompt assistance during critical times, with five recovery trucks ready for deployment.

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