UAE issues weather alert as heavy rains and strong winds expected

Prepare for a shift in weather conditions as temperatures are expected to gradually decrease on Thursday, coinciding with a decline in cloud cover by nightfall.

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Strong rainfall is expected to hit the United Arab Emirates in the coming days, so bring an umbrella just in case. From Wednesday, February 28, through Friday, March 1, a weather alert encompassing that period has been issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

During Wednesday and Thursday, the weather is predicted to range from partly cloudy to cloudy in scattered areas throughout the country. There's a likelihood of light to moderate rainfall overall, with the potential for heavier downpours in certain regions, particularly in the northern, eastern, and southern areas, encompassing Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Al Ain.

Furthermore, fresh to strong north-westerly winds are expected in the western regions from Thursday noon onwards. As Thursday progresses, temperatures are set to decline gradually, coinciding with a reduction in cloud cover by nightfall.

As per the report, the nation will be influenced by a surface low-pressure system from the Southwest, accompanied by an extension of an upper-air low-pressure system. These systems, combined with a western jetstream, will result in varying levels of cloud cover moving intermittently from the west.

On Friday, clouds will linger over specific eastern areas, with the potential for convective activity and rainfall during daylight hours.

The weather forecast calls for mild southeasterly winds at dawn on Thursday, which will change to north-westerly by midday. A combination of cloud cover with moderate to fresh winds may cause sand and dust to be blown around, especially when the wind speed is strong over the water.

Moderate sea conditions are anticipated, with the possibility of rough to very rough seas at times on Thursday in the Arabian Gulf. In the Oman Sea, sea conditions are forecasted to be slight to moderate initially, intensifying to rough conditions by Thursday night.

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