UAE Introduces Virtuzone Silver Visa and Licence Package

Virtuzone, the UAE’s premier company formation specialist, has solidified its position by unveiling a groundbreaking business setup solution.

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Long-Term Security and Savings

This market-first initiative introduces a five-year residence visa and five-year trade licence package, setting a new standard in the industry. Priced at Dh59,999, this exclusive offer provides entrepreneurs and businesses with an unprecedented opportunity for long-term security, increased savings, and simplified operations.

Extended Validity for Licences and Visas

Conventionally, trade licences and resident permits in the United Arab Emirates are good for one and two years, respectively, and require periodic renewals. But with Virtuzone's creative package, this is extended to five years, giving business owners a big edge. In addition to removing the need for recurrent renewals, the streamlined method saves a significant amount of time and money that would have been used for bureaucratic procedures.

Comprehensive Benefits and Family Sponsorship

Virtuzone's service allows business owners to sponsor their families on five-year visas in addition to the economical and hassle-free extended validity. In addition to increasing the package's allure, this guarantees spouses, kids, and parents long-term residency and stability.

Strategic Additions to the Offer

Gary Thompson, Virtuzone's commercial director, highlighted the company's commitment to providing substantial value to the startup and SME communities. Beyond the extended visa and licence, the package now includes support for bank account opening and corporate tax registration. These strategic additions aim to alleviate challenges commonly faced by new business owners, such as navigating complex tax regulations and overcoming hurdles associated with opening a bank account.

Cost-Effective Alternative to the Golden Visa

Virtuzone's innovative package not only offers a cost-effective solution but also serves as a viable alternative to the golden visa. This is particularly relevant considering the stringent requirements for a golden visa, including a minimum monthly salary, a substantial bank deposit, or significant property ownership.

Virtuzone's move represents a significant leap forward in the realm of business setup solutions, providing entrepreneurs with a comprehensive and cost-efficient path to establishing and maintaining a thriving business presence in the UAE.

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