UAE Fencing announces hosting an international camp in Dubai this month

From the 15th to the 22nd of this month, the UAE Fencing Federation is orchestrating a significant international camp in Dubai. The event draws the participation of top-tier players and coaches worldwide, encompassing all fencing weapons and catering to various age groups.

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Diverse Participation

The camp at Al Mizhar Sports Hall in Dubai boasts a diverse contingent, with 52 male and female players hailing from numerous countries. A cadre of seasoned Italian coaches, including a specialized fencing fitness coach, has also joined the camp, complemented by the presence of national team coaches.

Strategic Objectives

Ali Al Marzouqi, the Federation’s Executive Director, elucidated the strategic goals behind hosting such a camp. The primary aim is to provide national team players with enriching experiences by fostering interaction with globally acclaimed players. Notably, this marks the inaugural instance of hosting a camp in the "Mega Camp" format, featuring multiple players and coaches from diverse nationalities. Among the distinguished participants is an Italian player ranked ninth globally in the sabre weapon category.

Enhancing Player Experience

The camp holds particular significance for players in the under-17 and under-20 age groups. By engaging in this international gathering, participants gain valuable experience, gearing up for upcoming tournaments. January will witness the UAE hosting the "Asian Circle" Championship. Additionally, the players will participate in two prominent tournaments: the World Sabre Weapon Championship in Hungary for the under-20 category and the Grand Prix Championship in Qatar for the Ipe Weapon.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the UAE Fencing Federation to elevate the skills and exposure of national team players, foster international collaboration, and prepare the athletes for significant competitions in the coming months.

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