UAE Federal Authority Urgently Alters Electronic Residence Data Procedures

Through personal accounts on its website or the UAE ICP smart application, users can access the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, which outlines five procedures for updating residence data.

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Procedures for Modifying Residency Data in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has streamlined the process for modifying residency data in the UAE. Individuals and institutions can access these services through personal accounts on the Authority's website ( or the UAE ICP smart application.

Accessing Residency Data Modification

Anyone or any organization can seek a change to their residency information by logging into their current account or, if required, by creating a new one. The application ought to incorporate the necessary service specifications. Once the necessary funds have been paid, the application is reviewed by the staff of the authority, and the applicant is informed when the application is approved.

Modification via Printing Offices

In order to change one's residency information through printing offices, one must visit one of the authorized offices countrywide and fill out an application.

Issuing a Residence Permit and ID Card in the UAE

The authority has outlined a seamless, four-step process for issuing a residence permit and identity card.

1. Registration and Account Creation

Users can register and create an account through the digital ID or enter electronic services if pre-registration is required.

2. Service Selection

Choose the service for issuing the identity card and residency permit.

3. Application Submission and Data Review

Submit the application, review, and update the recovered data.

4. Fee payment

Pay the required fees. Authorized delivery companies provide the identification card, which serves as a substitute for the residency sticker.

Ensuring Accuracy for Smooth Transactions

The Ministry of Identity and Nationality emphasizes the importance of accurate data related to the ID number and its expiration date when renewing or inferring applications. Users are urged to ensure precision and validity in the electronic form before fee payment, promoting a speedy and timely transaction without delays.

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