UAE extends condolences to Philippines for landslide victims, expresses solidarity

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has expressed its deep condolences and solidarity with the Republic of the Philippines in the wake of a tragic landslide that struck the southern province of Davao de Oro.

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The landslide resulted in a significant loss of life, injuries, and extensive damage to the region. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE conveyed its heartfelt sympathies to the Philippine government, the resilient Filipino people, and the families of the victims affected by this devastating event.

The UAE's expression of solidarity underscores its commitment to standing by its international partners during times of crisis and adversity. The government of the UAE, along with its people, empathizes with the pain and suffering experienced by the people of the Philippines and shares in their grief. As a nation that values compassion and support for others, the UAE extends its sincere condolences to all those affected by the tragedy.

Furthermore, the UAE wishes a swift and full recovery to all those who have been injured as a result of the landslide. The well-being and recovery of the affected individuals remain a top priority for the UAE, and it stands ready to offer any assistance and support that may be required during this difficult time. The UAE's solidarity with the Philippines reflects its commitment to international cooperation and humanitarianism, as well as its dedication to fostering strong and enduring bonds of friendship with nations around the world.

Moreover, the UAE's expression of condolences and solidarity with the Republic of the Philippines underscores its unwavering support for its international partners in times of crisis. As both nations navigate the aftermath of this tragic event, the UAE stands ready to provide assistance and support to the Philippines as it works towards recovery and rebuilding. Through mutual respect, compassion, and cooperation, the UAE reaffirms its commitment to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the global community in times of need.

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