UAE-Egypt Airdrop: 62 Tonnes of Aid Delivered to Gaza Strips

In a collaborative effort, the UAE Air Force and the Egyptian Air Force conducted a joint operation, delivering 62 tonnes of food and medical assistance to northern Gaza.

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This action is part of the ongoing "Birds of Goodness" campaign, aimed at easing the hardships faced by the Palestinian population and aiding them in overcoming their challenges.

The recent airdrop marks the sixth delivery of humanitarian aid under the Birds of Goodness initiative, bringing the total aid transported to 293 tonnes. This campaign, characterized by strong Emirati-Egyptian cooperation, underscores the commitment to support the people of Gaza during their time of need.

Even after the Birds of Goodness operation, the United Arab Emirates continued to aid Gaza. More than two thousand tons of supplies have been delivered by two ships, five hundred vehicles, and two hundred airplanes. More than 600,000 people in the area have benefited from the six water desalination units built as part of the "Gallant Knight 3" project, which produces 1.2 million gallons of water each day.

Furthermore, the UAE has set up two field hospitals, with the first located in southern Gaza and managed by an Emirati medical team comprising over 100 professionals. Since its inauguration on December 2, 2023, this hospital has treated approximately 7,951 patients. The second facility, a floating hospital off the coast of Al Arish city, provides medical services with 200 beds and commenced operations on February 26. Additionally, the UAE facilitated urgent medical consultations through the Starlink internet service, connecting healthcare professionals via video communication technology.

More than 545 Gazans have been transported to the United Arab Emirates for medical treatment, under the orders of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. As part of this effort, 511 healthcare facilities in the area will receive funding and support, and 2,000 Gaza residents will receive medical attention for injuries or cancer.

Moreover, the UAE has established five automated bakeries, ensuring the daily needs of over 72,000 individuals are met. Additionally, flour distribution to seven existing bakeries in Gaza caters to the requirements of 14,000 people each day, further addressing essential needs in the region.

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