UAE: DXB hosts first-ever Iftar on runway this Ramadan 2024

Dubai International (DXB) made aviation history during Ramadan by hosting an unprecedented iftar gathering directly on its bustling runway, bringing together a diverse array of airport staff representing various cultural backgrounds.

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Against the breathtaking backdrop of aircraft landing and departing, the Iftar event served as a symbol of communal harmony and unity.

Dubai Airports COO Majed Al Joker highlighted the importance of this innovative program, which exemplifies the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. He was filled with joy to see staff members of many backgrounds together to celebrate Ramadan, highlighting the airport's talent for making experiences that go beyond cultural norms.

Every detail of the event was planned with precision, and personnel from all across Dubai Airports worked together to make the iftar a sight to behold. A common effort to make the event memorable was on display at the table, with traditional Ramadan treats including dates, fruits, candies, and cool drinks. The group's shared vision improved the aesthetics and gave everyone involved a sense of belonging.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, transforming the runway into a captivating backdrop, the iftar unfolded as a space for connection and storytelling. Colleagues seized the opportunity to bond and share experiences, further strengthening their professional relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within the airport community.

This innovative iftar gathering exemplifies DXB's ongoing efforts to redefine the airport experience and create meaningful interactions for travelers and staff alike. It serves as a testament to Dubai Airports' commitment to fostering unity and inclusivity within its workforce, transcending cultural differences to create a more cohesive and vibrant community. As DXB continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional travel experiences, events like these underscore its dedication to making every journey through its doors a memorable one.

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