UAE: Dubai Students Introduce AI Platform to Enhance Blue-Collar Job Opportunities

In an innovative move, three students from Dubai have created a website that will help blue-collar workers in the United Arab Emirates find better jobs.

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Sahil and Seeya Uberoi, who are twins and attend the American School of Dubai, and Vir Toolsidass, who attends Jumeirah College, have created PotentiAE, an AI-powered platform that helps people find jobs and improve their resumes.

According to Sahil Uberoi, a Grade 12 student, the inspiration for PotentiAE came in 2021 when an immigrant approached them for help in creating a CV, having never encountered the concept before. The success of their first CV resulted in a significant job upgrade for the individual, sparking the idea for the platform. The goal, Sahil explains, is to empower individuals from lower income groups to create effective resumes, thereby improving their chances of securing better employment opportunities and ultimately enhancing their quality of life.

The website requires users to provide a concise professional summary, detailing their current job, skills, passions, and future aspirations. Based on this information, PotentiAE generates tailored resumes to showcase the user's capabilities effectively.

Seeya emphasizes the importance of basic financial literacy for migrants and the need for a user-friendly platform like PotentiAE to aid them in creating resumes. The development process, which took five months, involved understanding the specific needs of blue-collar workers through community surveys and ensuring simplicity in the platform's design and functionality.

Looking ahead, the team plans to incorporate Arabic and Hindi languages into the website to reach a broader audience. Despite potential opportunities for monetization, the students remain committed to the platform's altruistic purpose of addressing income inequality and financial illiteracy among blue-collar workers.

They are actively engaging with government ministries, particularly the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, to register the platform officially. Seeya highlights their ambition to expand PotentiAE's user base and reach as many individuals as possible, reflecting their dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of blue-collar workers in the UAE.

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