UAE Driver Multiple Violations Lead to Horrific Traffic Crash

In a harrowing incident unfolding in Abu Dhabi, a reckless driver, breaking multiple traffic rules in less than three seconds, caused a devastating crash at a bustling intersection in the emirate.

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Disturbing traffic violations result in catastrophic collisions.

The Abu Dhabi Police shared a startling video that captured the sequence of events, featuring a black SUV making an erroneous turn and flagrantly disregarding a red light, culminating in a collision that sent another vehicle spiraling out of control.

Clear Infractions Unveiled in Video Footage

The video unequivocally portrays the nature of the violations: firstly, the SUV deviated from a lane designated for proceeding straight, opting instead to turn left. Secondly, this turn occurred while the traffic signal was red, indicating the lawful crossing of vehicles from the opposite side of the road. Despite the evident transgressions, the Abu Dhabi Police identified distracted driving as the primary catalyst for the crash.

Distracted Driving

Authorities underscored that the driver's lack of focus on the road, likely due to distractions such as phone usage, social media browsing, calls, or taking photos, was the root cause of the severe consequences and ensuing accident. Distracted driving constitutes a traffic offense, punishable by an DH800 fine and the imposition of four black points on the driver's record.

Additional Violations and Corresponding Penalties

The motorist captured in the video also violated a red light, resulting in a Dh1,000 fine, 12 black points, and a 30-day impoundment of the vehicle, as per Abu Dhabi traffic rules. To reclaim the seized SUV, the driver is required to pay a penalty of Dh50,000. Failure to settle the fine within three months could lead to the vehicle being auctioned off.

Police Advisory for Road Safety

The Abu Dhabi Police issued a stern advisory to all drivers, emphasizing the imperative of maintaining focus on the road. Drivers were urged to remain attentive to pedestrians and adhere to road signs to ensure comprehensive road safety for all.

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