UAE: Delivery firms halt services due to heavy rain

Due to severe weather conditions on Tuesday, which included thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and hailstorms, delivery services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have suspended operations in some districts.

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This has caused many roads to flood, which has resulted in car breakdowns on flooded streets. Customers have been urged to plan for delays in their orders in locations where deliveries are ongoing. According to a statement sent by Careem, their captains, or riders, have the authority to refuse deliveries if they so desire. The company emphasized that its flexible work conditions allow riders to select their desired working hours without having to deal with undue pressure or set shifts, and that captains are not required to follow any set delivery schedule.

In addition, Careem has taken steps to guarantee the security of its delivery staff. Among them is restricting the delivery radius for grocery stores and restaurants to allow for shorter journeys, protecting the captains' safety while still meeting the needs of most patrons. Furthermore, a location-based strategy has been implemented to halt or continue delivery, accounting for local weather patterns and captain availability.

In a similar vein, Deliveroo has modified its activities due to unfavorable weather. According to the corporation, riders can choose to temporarily log out of the system if they feel uncomfortable while driving and assess the driving conditions in their particular locations. Deliveroo may restrict delivery zones in an effort to reduce driving distances, depending on how the weather affects various locations. Deliveroo immediately suspends operations in affected areas when weather conditions worsen to the point where it is unsafe for riders to operate, and customers are notified about potential delays or closures through the Deliveroo app. When the weather clears up and it is judged safe for riders to start driving again, operations restart.

Both Careem and Deliveroo prioritize the safety and well-being of their personnel and customers amidst adverse weather conditions, implementing proactive measures to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions to their delivery services.

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