UAE Cybersecurity: Updating software importance to protect against intrusions

The UAE Government Cybersecurity Council emphasized the critical nature of updating device software to safeguard users against fraudulent hacks.

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The Council provided four key recommendations for users to ensure the safety of their devices during software updates. Firstly, they advised verifying sources by obtaining software updates from official channels to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. Additionally, users were encouraged to maintain backup copies of their data to prevent potential loss. Moreover, they stressed the importance of staying informed by routinely checking for operating system and application updates. Lastly, the Council recommended activating automatic updates and avoiding manual intervention to enhance device protection. It was emphasized that updating all devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, is essential for comprehensive security.

In contrast to the general belief that software updates are only relevant for phones, the Council emphasized the importance of software updates for a variety of devices and platforms, highlighting their significance in ensuring personal security in light of their pervasive integration into daily life. To prevent using up all of their data allotment, users were encouraged to plan upgrades using Wi-Fi. The Council emphasized that software updates play a critical role in strengthening device security. They are effective at fixing vulnerabilities, improving performance, adding new features, and guaranteeing compatibility with other programs. In a similar poll, the Council discovered that while 16.4% of users choose to postpone upgrades, 83.6% of users update their devices as soon as new releases are made.

Furthermore, the Council alerted users to recent security updates issued by Apple for various operating systems, urging the prompt installation of these updates to mitigate potential security risks. Similar recommendations were extended for updates issued by Google for the Chrome browser. The Council continuously stresses the importance of vigilance against evolving cyber threats and advises individuals and organizations to adopt robust security measures, including safeguarding personal data, verifying links, and promptly reporting suspicious activities.

The Cybersecurity Council promotes proactive steps to reduce the dangers posed by cyber threats and acts as an outspoken champion for cybersecurity awareness.

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