UAE Court rejects 100,000 dirhams in compensation to 2 Asians for this reason

A couple of Asian origin filed a lawsuit against a restaurant, claiming they had eaten a dish that contained an insect and demanding 100,000 dirhams in damages.

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They said that seeing the insect made them feel sick to their stomachs and that it also made them feel repulsed.

However, the Civil Court in Dubai dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate the claim against the defendant. The court clarified that after the relevant authorities in Dubai Municipality had conducted investigations, there was no evidence indicating any fault on the part of the restaurant. The court labeled the plaintiffs' claim as merely a statement without supporting evidence.

According to the documents submitted to the court, the plaintiffs demanded the compensation, equally distributed between them, based on their account of visiting the restaurant for lunch, ordering a meal, and subsequently discovering the insect. They asserted that this incident caused them significant distress and rendered them unable to consume food, leading to psychological distress.

The plaintiffs stated that upon informing the restaurant management about the insect in their meal, they were told that such occurrences were natural, prompting them to involve Dubai Municipality. They claimed to have suffered material damages due to their inability to eat and subsequent psychological distress. They provided copies of the food bill and the report submitted to Dubai Municipality as evidence.

In response, the defendant restaurant requested the dismissal of the lawsuit, arguing the lack of validity and proof. They also requested clarification from the municipality regarding the procedures undertaken and the validity of the submitted report.

After reviewing the submissions from both parties, the court emphasized its authority to assess evidence and determine factual accuracy. It ruled that the plaintiffs' claims lacked substantiation and dismissed the case, holding them liable for expenses and legal fees. The court deemed the plaintiffs' assertions regarding the insect in their food unsubstantiated and rejected their claim due to a lack of evidence.

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