UAE Court orders restitution for 170,000 AED seized by the facility manager

In a legal saga, the manager of a private facility in Ras Al Khaimah faced conviction for seizing 170,000 dirhams in financial revenues, plunging the establishment into turmoil.

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Financial Havoc Unleashed

The facility owner, acting as the plaintiff, revealed the manager's misuse of position, leading to severe consequences. The misappropriation caused financial distress, hindering salary payments to employees and halting crucial construction and development projects.

Legal Battle Unfolds

The Ras Al Khaimah Court of Appeal upheld the initial ruling, convicting the accused of unlawfully seizing the property of others. The civil court mandated the defendant to repay the full seized amount of 170,000 dirhams. Additionally, the defendant was ordered to compensate the plaintiff with an extra 21,000 dirhams for incurred material and moral damages.

Abuse of trust exposed

The plaintiff, owner of the facility, detailed how the manager took advantage of his role to seize 170,000 dirhams intended for financial purposes. Discovering the misappropriation, the plaintiff demanded the funds' return, which was met with refusal from the defendant.

Financial Obligations Unmet

Highlighting the harm inflicted on the facility, the plaintiff underscored the inability to meet financial obligations, including salaries and expenses. Moreover, the seized funds meant construction and development came to an abrupt halt.

Legal Pursuit for Justice

In pursuit of justice, the plaintiff sought redress, demanding the defendant repay the seized amount along with compensation for damages, legal interest, fees, expenses, and attorney’s fees.

Defence Claims Lack of Merit

The defendant's representative argued against the lawsuit, asserting it lacked merit as it was filed by someone without legal capacity. They also claimed the funds were delivered to the actual owners and called for dismissal due to insufficient proof and the defendant's lack of responsibility.

Court Dismisses Defence

Dismissing the defendant's arguments, the court affirmed the plaintiff's legal capacity to file the lawsuit. Emphasising the finality of the criminal ruling, the court deemed it unlawful to take another person's money without a legitimate reason.

Compensation for Damages

Acknowledging fixed material damage of 15,000 dirhams and estimating moral damage at 6,000 dirhams, the court's final ruling obliged the defendant to repay 170,000 dirhams for the seized amount and an additional 21,000 dirhams for material and moral damages.

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