UAE Court Orders Repayment of 90,000 Dirhams in Rental Fraud

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court has issued a verdict compelling a man to repay an illicitly acquired sum of 90 thousand dirhams.

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The individual had engaged in deceptive practices, posing as an investor in a villa, securing a rental agreement with the plaintiff, and subsequently appropriating the rental fee.

Legal proceedings unveiled

The legal proceedings originated when a man filed a lawsuit against a broker, seeking the enforcement of payments totaling 80 thousand dirhams. This sum included interest at a rate of 12% from the date of initiating the lawsuit until the full settlement. Additionally, the plaintiff demanded 5,000 dirhams as compensation for the broker's commission and sought an additional 10,000 dirhams for financial and moral damages. The plaintiff also requested that the defendant cover the fees and expenses associated with the legal proceedings. The plaintiff recounted discovering a villa for rent through an advertisement, proceeding to inspect it, and remitting 5,000 dirhams to the defendant as a commission, along with an additional 80 thousand dirhams as the agreed-upon rental payment. Subsequently, the defendant ceased responding to the plaintiff's attempts at communication, leading to the initiation of legal action.

The Court's'suling and Justification

In its ruling, the court underscored the criminal conviction of the defendant and delineated the material and moral damages incurred by the plaintiff. The defendant's fraudulent activities resulted in tangible harm, depriving the plaintiff of the anticipated benefits from the seized amount and causing financial losses. The court recognized the plaintiff's emotional distress, manifested in feelings of sadness and sorrow. Consequently, the court mandated the defendant to reimburse the plaintiff the full amount of 90 thousand dirhams and directed the defendant to cover the fees and expenses related to the legal proceedings. The judgment seeks to rectify the financial and emotional toll exacted on the plaintiff due to the fraudulent villa rental scheme.

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