UAE Court obliges the car buyer to register the vehicle in his name

An argument about the transfer of ownership of an automobile was recently resolved by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court.

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UAE Court Resolves Car Ownership Dispute

A vehicle that the plaintiff had sold to the defendant was demanded back, together with the transfer of ownership and any related costs, when the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the defendant.

Plaintiff's Allegations and Evidence

The plaintiff sold his car to the defendant for 25,000 dirhams. Despite receiving the payment, the plaintiff claimed that the defendant neglected to complete the necessary steps for transferring ownership into his name. To support his case, the plaintiff provided a video as evidence, showcasing the defendant receiving and displaying the car. Notably, the defendant did not make an appearance in court, and the plaintiff lacked additional witnesses.

Court Decision on Return of the Car

The plaintiff's plea to force the defendant to return the car was quickly rejected by the court. This ruling was based on the recognition that the defendant had paid the agreed-upon price for the car, satisfying the financial commitment. As such, the plaintiff's plea for the return of the car was dismissed by the court as being without merit.

Resolution of Ownership Transfer and Associated Costs

The court addressed the secondary claim by directing the defendant to give the car's ownership to the plaintiff or another person of their choosing. The plaintiff was granted a favourable ruling by the court due to the defendant's nonattendance and inability to provide a defence. The defendant was also found liable by the court for any infractions noted on the vehicle starting on the day it was received. The defendant was also responsible for paying all costs and fees related to the court case.

Implications of the Verdict

This court decision underscores the importance of honouring contractual obligations, particularly in matters involving the transfer of ownership of significant assets such as vehicles. The ruling demonstrates the judiciary's commitment to delivering fair and just outcomes in contractual disputes, emphasising the importance of adherence to legal processes.

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