UAE consumers demand "equal treatment" for discount offers from outlets

Consumers have observed a trend among major sales outlets during the current Ramadan month, focusing their discount offers primarily on goods they produce and carry under their own brand.

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These outlets have been giving preferential treatment to their brand goods by allocating discounts to them and placing them prominently in easily accessible or noticeable locations within the store, unlike other branded goods. Consumers are calling for a more balanced approach to discount offers, advocating for equal treatment of various discounted goods without discrimination in terms of their presentation within the sales outlet, thus allowing consumers the freedom to choose.

According to officials from two sales outlets, it is customary for outlets to offer discounts on both their own-produced goods and other items. However, discounts on goods they produce usually have higher percentages, which is beneficial for consumers. Some attributed the "preferential treatment" of goods to the actions of lower-level employees in these outlets.

Consumers have expressed their observations and concerns regarding this practice. They noted that discounts primarily focus on goods produced by the sales outlets themselves, including both essential and non-essential items. Some outlets prominently display their brand goods with colorful signs, while other brands' goods receive less attention. Consumers are calling for a more equitable distribution of discounts among various brands without discrimination.

Sales outlets defend their strategy, emphasizing the advantages of offering discounts on goods they produce, such as greater discount rates. However, they acknowledge the importance of providing discounts on other brands simultaneously to offer consumers more choices.

Retail expert Devi Nagpal suggests that sales outlets capitalize on the consumer preference for discounted goods during Ramadan by promoting their own brand or produced goods. However, Nagpal stresses the importance of offering discounts on other brands as well to cater to diverse consumer budgets and tastes, emphasizing the need for fair treatment of all discounted goods.

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