UAE condemns Israeli attacks on humanitarian workers in Gaza

The UAE strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces for their assault on the Global Central Kitchen Foundation team, partners in the Amalthea Initiative aimed at enhancing humanitarian aid in the northern Gaza Strip.

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This reprehensible attack resulted in casualties and injuries among humanitarian workers. In unequivocal terms, the UAE held Israel accountable for this grave development, demanding an immediate, independent, and transparent investigation into the incident. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to justice, as their actions represent a blatant violation of international humanitarian law.

The families of the dead and their respective countries received sincere condolences from the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which expressed deep grief for the loss of life. The Ministry wished everyone injured a speedy recovery and emphasized the critical need to put an end to violence and abstain from attacking civilians, civilian infrastructure, and humanitarian organizations. The Ministry underlined how critical it is to stop turning food into a weapon and called for an end to limitations on humanitarian aid. In order to guarantee the prompt provision of protection to civilians and humanitarian workers, prompt action is imperative.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and the broader region. The UAE remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting humanitarian efforts and upholding international humanitarian law to safeguard the lives and well-being of civilians and aid workers alike. The UAE's condemnation of this attack reflects its unwavering stance against violence and its dedication to promoting peace and stability in the region. It underscores the urgent need for all parties to prioritize the protection of civilians and adhere to the principles of international law.

The UAE's call for justice and accountability sends a powerful message to the international community about the importance of upholding human rights and humanitarian norms, even in the midst of conflict. The UAE stands ready to work with partners to address the root causes of the crisis and advance efforts to achieve lasting peace and security in the region.

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