UAE caught almost 1,000 companies that breached Emiratisation goals since 2022.

Since the middle of 2022, 995 enterprises have been recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation as having breached Emiratisation goals. There have been 1,660 reported incidences of false Emiratisation.

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Ministry Identifies 995 Companies Violating Emiratisation Targets

Sanctions for violating companies range from a fine of Dh20,000 to Dh100,000, according to the severity of the case. The ministry made this announcement through a post on an unspecified platform and called upon relevant stakeholders to refrain from engaging in such negative practices.

Addressing Violations

The ministry has taken a strict stance against companies that fail to meet Emiratisation targets, emphasizing the importance of compliance with national workforce policies. Violating companies face financial penalties, highlighting the government's commitment to ensuring that Emiratisation goals are met.

Financial Penalties

Companies found in violation are subjected to fines ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000, depending on the severity of their non-compliance with Emiratisation targets. These penalties are designed to encourage companies to adhere to the prescribed regulations and actively contribute to the national workforce goals.

Public Awareness and Reporting

In addition to addressing the violators, the ministry has called upon the public to report any instances of practices conflicting with Emiratisation policies. Stakeholders and individuals are encouraged to utilize the ministry's call center or its dedicated app to report such practices. This proactive approach aims to involve the community in ensuring the effective implementation of Emiratisation policies.

Stakeholder Cooperation

The ministry's announcement also emphasizes the importance of cooperation from relevant stakeholders in fostering a work environment that aligns with Emiratisation goals. By actively involving businesses, organizations, and the public in the implementation of these policies, the ministry aims to create a collective effort towards achieving a more Emirati-centric workforce.

Emphasis on Compliance

This announcement serves as a reminder of the government's commitment to Emiratisation and underscores the need for businesses to comply with the prescribed targets. It reinforces the significance of aligning workforce practices with national policies and contributes to the broader vision of building a skilled and diversified Emirati workforce.

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