UAE Prepares for Thunderstorms and Heavy Rainfall Across Emirates

The weather in the United Arab Emirates is going to change from partly overcast to maybe wet as the cloud cover increases from the west.

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Residents in the UAE can anticipate a change in weather conditions as cloud cover increases from the west, potentially leading to rainfall of varying intensities accompanied by thunder and lightning. The morning is expected to start with partly cloudy skies, contributing to relatively pleasant temperatures. However, as the day progresses, the forecast indicates the likelihood of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall across all Emirates.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), there will be dusty patches here and there, but during the day, the clouds will roll in. These clouds are likely convective, which means they will bring rain of varying intensities.

Clouds develop in the United Arab Emirates when a surface low-pressure system moves in from the southwest and meets a mass of cold air in the upper atmosphere from the west.

Wind conditions are anticipated to range from moderate to fresh, occasionally reaching strong levels, particularly over the sea where cloud activity may lead to blowing dust and sand, thereby reducing horizontal visibility. Sea conditions are expected to transition from moderate to potentially rough, especially in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea due to the influence of cloud activity.

However, residents are advised to prepare for a shift in weather conditions with the possibility of thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds. It is recommended to stay updated on weather forecasts and exercise caution, especially while traveling or engaging in outdoor activities, due to potential hazards such as reduced visibility and rough sea conditions.

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