UAE announces registration for the "Teachers" Program in the Education Sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the UAE Talent Competitiveness Council (NAFES), has initiated the "Teachers" program to cultivate skilled professionals in the education sector.

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Open to citizens, the program offers training and specialized courses essential for market demands, aiming to qualify job seekers for roles in the private education domain. With a commitment to enhancing the education sector, the initiative targets 1,000 citizens annually, reaching a total of 4,000 by 2027.

Structured in four phases, the "Teachers" program encompasses administrative, school, and educational professions. These include roles such as Arabic language teachers, Islamic education teachers, social studies educators, national education instructors, kindergarten and primary school teachers, special education needs specialists, educational guidance and counseling experts, and educational leadership professionals.

Eligibility criteria differ based on the profession, requiring a bachelor's degree for teacher and school roles and high school qualifications for administrative and assistant positions. The Nafis platform facilitates registration for interested individuals.

By supporting the private education sector, the program aligns with empowerment targets, promoting the employment of program participants. The education sector holds strategic significance in shaping future generations, and the "Teachers" program is designed to equip citizens with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute effectively.

The Ministry emphasizes the importance of the education sector in building future leaders and expresses its commitment to providing professional opportunities for national cadres. The program aims to produce a qualified and distinguished group of citizen teachers who play a crucial role in instilling values, concepts, and ambitions in the next generation.

To ensure program excellence, NAFES has signed memorandums of understanding with educational institutions such as the Higher Colleges of Technology, the United Arab Emirates University, the University of Sharjah, the Sharjah Education Academy, and the Emirates College for Educational Development. These agreements aim to implement the program according to the highest standards, enhancing cooperation and coordination to support the education sector in the country. The memoranda emphasize the creation of sustainable career opportunities, the qualification and training of Emirati job seekers, and the provision of necessary knowledge and skills for employment in the education sector. Academic bodies commit to designing and implementing targeted training programs, supporting registration procedures, and ensuring the quality of qualification outputs in accordance with high standards.

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