UAE Announces Private Lessons New Work Permit

The Ministries of Education, Human Resources, and Emiratisation have collaboratively introduced a "Private Teaching Work Permit" to establish a structured mechanism governing private lessons outside formal educational institutions.

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The aim is to enhance the learning process by ensuring effective regulations are in place and minimising randomness.

Inclusive Categories and Flexible Options

The "Private Teaching Work Permit" covers a wide range of eligible people, such as university students, teachers from public and private schools, workers from different industries, those who are not employed, and kids in grades 15 through 18. These professionals can now provide private instruction to both individuals and groups thanks to this permit.

Objectives and Discipline in Education

Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Mualla, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, emphasised that the permit aims to maintain the stability of the educational system. It provides flexible options for students and parents while upholding discipline and the quality of the educational process. Creating a legal framework for private lessons seeks to reduce illegal practices and ensure a supportive educational environment.

Coordinated Efforts for a Legal Framework

The programme is the outcome of joint work between the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and the Ministry of Education. Establishing a legislative framework with the goals of protecting private teachers' rights, governing private instruction nationally, and guaranteeing that students receive instruction catered to their individual learning preferences is the aim.

Empowering Education and Collaborative Development

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for Human Resources Affairs, Khalil Al-Khouri, highlighted the introduction of the "private teaching work permit" as a response to evolving developments and new specializations. It aims to facilitate organised legal frameworks, protect human rights, balance duties, and enhance business ease for service providers.

Application Process and Compliance

Beneficiaries, including teachers and students within the specified categories, can apply for the "private teaching work permit" through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation's smart application and website. The permit is granted without fees for a two-year period. Compliance with conditions and signing a conduct document, as approved by the Ministry of Education, allow permit holders to practice private teaching and generate income.

Legal Consequences for Non-Compliance

Penalties and fines outlined in labour regulations will be enforced against those practicing private teaching without obtaining the required permit. The initiative underscores the commitment to legal oversight, ensuring the quality of private lessons, and protecting the rights of both educators and students.

Juveniles (15–18 Years) in Compliance with Labour Law

Addressing concerns about juveniles benefiting from the permit, it was clarified that under normal circumstances, labour laws allow individuals in the 15–18 age group to work. Obtaining a work permit for private lessons aligns with this framework, ensuring regulatory compliance.

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