UAE announces licence cancellations for two domestic labour service offices

Removing the licences for the "Emirates International Centre for Domestic Workers Services" and the "Al Shamsi Office for Domestic Workers Services" is a decisive move by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

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Ministry Revokes Licences of Two Domestic Workers Service Offices

This bold move comes in response to the blatant violation of obligations and controls outlined in the Domestic Workers Law, its executive regulations, and the associated implementing decisions.

Violation of the Legal Framework

The ministry emphasized that the cancellation of these licenses was prompted by the offices' failure to adhere to the stipulated legal framework governing domestic workers. The move is in line with the ministry's commitment to upholding the rights and well-being of domestic workers, ensuring that they are treated fairly and in accordance with established regulations.

Employee Rights at the Forefront

In light of the licence cancellations, the ministry has directed the owners of the implicated offices to promptly settle the employment conditions of their staff. This includes fulfilling any outstanding obligations owed to employees. Simultaneously, the ministry is taking steps to collect fines accrued by the two offices up to the date of licence cancellation. Local authorities have been duly notified to initiate necessary actions in response to these violations.

Zero Tolerance for Violations

Emphasising a zero-tolerance approach, the ministry asserted its commitment to applying legal procedures against any recruitment office found guilty of violating regulations related to domestic workers. This stern stance underscores the ministry's dedication to enforcing the law and ensuring that entities responsible for recruiting domestic workers uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Encouraging Responsible Choices

As part of its ongoing efforts to regulate the sector, the ministry urged employers to engage exclusively with approved and licenced offices. These authorised entities can be easily identified by visiting the Ministry's official website at By doing so, employers can make informed and responsible choices, contributing to the overall welfare and fair treatment of domestic workers in the Emirates.

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