UAE Announces Inaugural Meeting of Flood Damage Assessment Committee

The UAE has formed a committee to evaluate the aftermath of recent floods, convening its inaugural session to strategize and prioritize assessments of affected infrastructure, roads, and dams following the unprecedented rainfall.

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Chaired by Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, the meeting saw participation from representatives of various federal and local bodies. At the outset, Minister Al Mazrouei delineated the committee's responsibilities, emphasizing the need to assess damages comprehensively and devise viable solutions.

The committee established four specialized subcommittees to concentrate on distinct areas: roads and infrastructure, housing and property, dams and water facilities, and energy and water management. Al Mazrouei commended field teams for their prompt response, lauding their efforts in safeguarding lives and properties while hastening the restoration of vital services like roads, bridges, and dams.

Tasked with immediately commencing damage assessments across the nation, the committees were instructed to formulate an integrated action plan to address infrastructural, residential, and water management damages within a week, aiming for a detailed report on the extent of the devastation.

Al Mazrouei underscored the imperative of expediting infrastructure recovery and fostering resilience against future weather-related crises. Experts have been tasked with conducting a comprehensive analysis to determine the necessity of increasing dam and waterway capacities to withstand and manage future climatic extremes.

Simultaneously, the Ministry is evaluating the impact of the floods on citizens' residences and extending assistance and logistical support to affected individuals and households. This multifaceted approach underscores the government's commitment to prompt recovery and proactive mitigation measures in the face of weather-induced emergencies.

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