UAE announces enhanced passport, offering visa-free access to 183 countries

The UAE passport has strengthened its global standing, ascending two positions to the 11th spot in the 2024 Passport Index by Henley & Partners.

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This advancement enables UAE passport holders to enjoy visa-free access to an impressive 183 countries. The consistent improvement over the past decade showcases the nation's commitment to fostering international connectivity and collaboration.

UAE Passport Strengthens Globally

In the past decade, the UAE passport has experienced the most substantial ascent on the Index, gaining entry to 106 destinations without requiring a visa since 2014. The remarkable voyage of the UAE passport, which began in the 55th position in 2014, has elevated it to the 11th position as of 2024. This ongoing upward trend demonstrates the UAE's dedication to fostering international cooperation and creating a climate that is favorable to international relations.

Leading in the Region

Regionally, the UAE maintains its leading position among neighboring countries. Saudi Arabia (61) is in second place, ahead of Kuwait (55), Bahrain (59), Oman (60), and Qatar (53) in the ranking. These rankings highlight the visa-free access of citizens from these nations to 108, 102, 91, 90, and 89 countries, respectively.

Global Passport Power Dynamics

Globally, four European countries—France, Germany, Italy, and Spain—have joined Japan and Singapore as possessors of the most powerful passports. Citizens from these nations can travel to an impressive 194 destinations worldwide without the need for a prior visa. Japan and Singapore have consistently dominated the top spot on the index for the past five years.

Widening the Global Mobility Gap

The chairman of Henley & Partners, Dr. Christian H. Kaelin, observes that the global mobility divide has grown. Presently, the highest-ranked nations are granted visa-free access to 166 additional destinations in comparison to Afghanistan, which is positioned at the bottom of the list with visa-free access to a mere 28 countries. From 58 in 2006 to 111 in 2024, the average number of visa-free travel destinations for tourists has nearly doubled, underscoring the growing significance of international mobility.

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