UAE announces 35% Discount for Early Payment of Traffic Fines

People in the UAE who are seeking a way to deal with traffic offenses have a new option according to the Abu Dhabi Police.

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An opportunity to save up to 35% on traffic penalties has now opened up to drivers who pay in advance.

Early Payment Advantages

Abu Dhabi Police has swiftly implemented a decision to grant a 90-day residence visa to Saudi Arabia for UAE residents. Additionally, Emirates Airlines is offering free hotel accommodation for two days to both travelers and residents. Furthermore, certain employees have been exempted from the New Year's holiday.

Conditions for Discounted Payments

Payments must be made within 60 days of the date of the traffic offenses in order to be eligible for the 35% reduction. Please be advised that these reductions are only available for minor traffic offenses that do not endanger other vehicles or pedestrians.

Concessions for Late Payments

Abu Dhabi Police has outlined a 25% discount for fines paid after 60 days, but within one year from the date of issuing the traffic fines. The police authorities emphasize the importance of avoiding the accumulation of traffic violations to prevent an escalation of the financial burden.

Installment Options

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the UAE has outlined several privileges and facilities for those choosing to settle their traffic violations early. Drivers now have the option to pay fines in installments through banks without incurring any interest. This installment plan is available for a convenient period of 12 months.

Conditions for Installment Payments

To benefit from the installment plan, individuals must use credit cards issued by banks that have established contracts with police services in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Police is encouraging motorists to take advantage of these favorable options to settle their traffic fines promptly and responsibly. These initiatives not only provide financial relief but also contribute to promoting road safety and responsible driving habits in the region.

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