UAE announces 3-day folklore festival in Ajman

The inaugural Ajman Folklore Festival, with the theme "Ajman...embracing history and identity," is a momentous cultural occasion planned to take place from April 19th to the 21st. Its purpose is to enhance the cultural consciousness and heritage of the United Arab Emirates emirate of Ajman.

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The festival is a cooperative undertaking under the esteemed sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Ajman Executive Council. It is organized in collaboration with the MTG Events Organizing Company, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ajman Department of Tourism Development.

The event, which was declared official at a press conference hosted by the Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center, attracted guests including the Ajman Department of Tourism Development and representatives from the Ministry of Culture. Additionally, Dr. Mouza Ghubash, the president of the festival, and officials from MTG, the company tasked with organizing the event, were in attendance.

Additionally, serving as the Chairwoman of the Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center, Dr. Ghubash conveyed appreciation for the collective endeavors that went into the festival's organization. Her emphasis was on the exhibition's role in highlighting the abundant cultural heritage of Ajman, specifically in imparting knowledge to young people regarding folklore and heritage, thus safeguarding societal identities.

Highlighting the festival's role as a dynamic platform, Dr. Ghubash underscored its contribution to cultural exchange and mutual understanding among communities, fostering peace and tolerance.

Central to the festival is the spotlight on Ajman's ancient heritage, which serves to preserve Emirati cultural legacy and pass it down to younger generations, reinforcing national identity and promoting cultural exchange.

Featuring a diverse program, the festival will include concerts, folkloric performances, cultural showcases, workshops, art exhibitions, culinary delights, fashion shows, competitions, and shopping kiosks.

The inaugural day will feature Emirati folklore activities, including art exhibitions, folk performances, workshops, an artist's gathering, and a symposium on Nabati poetry.

The second day will showcase Arab folklore with performances from various countries, workshops on Palestinian embroidery, and exhibitions of folkloric costumes.

On the third day, international folk dance groups will perform alongside exhibitions of international folklore costumes, a Chinese teaching workshop, and the announcement of competition winners for heritage paintings.

The Ajman Folklore Festival promises a vibrant celebration of culture, fostering appreciation for diversity and heritage while promoting unity and understanding among peoples.

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