UAE and Cyprus condemn Israeli attacks on humanitarian workers in Gaza

In a joint statement, the UAE and Cyprus denounced Israel's recent attack on aid workers connected to the World Central Kitchen Foundation.

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They sent their deepest sympathies to the victims' relatives, their home countries, and the Foundation's personnel. They also expressed their hopes for a speedy recovery for everyone impacted by the event.

The United Arab Emirates and Cyprus strongly denounced any violent acts directed towards charity workers, highlighting their selfless dedication to providing assistance to those in need. They emphasized that these kinds of assaults are a flagrant breach of international agreements that protect the safety of rescue and relief workers.

The World Central Kitchen, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates work together to offer the Gaza Strip emergency supplies and humanitarian aid under the "Amalthea" program. The principal aim is to prevent starvation in Gaza's northern section and mitigate general hardship by guaranteeing the secure transportation and allocation of food supplies.

The UAE and Cyprus emphasized the urgency of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the need for an international team effort to quickly lessen the severe consequences that are putting the lives of innocent civilians in peril. This means making it easier for aid to reach the area quickly, securely, sustainably, and without hindrance.

Highlighting the pressing need for essential resources to prevent a further deterioration of the health situation in Gaza, the UAE and Cyprus urged Israel to fulfill its obligation to protect humanitarian workers. These workers must be able to carry out their vital duties safely and without fear for their lives.

Both Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates have expressed their solidarity in denouncing the assault on aid workers and their determination to continue supplying essential aid to lessen the suffering of the Gaza Strip's Palestinian populace. In order to guarantee the safety of aid workers and the efficient provision of assistance to people in need, they demand international cooperation.

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