UAE and Armenia forge a visa-free travel agreement from February 1, 2024

Starting on February 1, 2024, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to eliminate entry visa requirements for citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

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This move signifies a significant step towards promoting seamless travel, fostering closer ties, and encouraging cultural exchange between the two nations.

Citizens of Armenia will be able to enter, exit, and transit through the UAE without the need for an entry visa or associated fees. This visa-free travel initiative aims to enhance accessibility and enjoyment for citizens of both countries, opening up new avenues for tourism and growth.

In reciprocity, Armenia maintains a streamlined visa protocol for UAE passport holders. UAE citizens can benefit from visa-free travel to Armenia, allowing them to stay for up to 180 days within a year. This reciprocal arrangement aims to facilitate exploration and cultural exchange, contributing to a new era of cooperation between Armenia and the UAE.

Sisian Boghossian, the Head of the Tourism Committee of Armenia, expressed enthusiasm about the announcement, highlighting the positive impact on tourism. The visa-free travel initiative is expected to encourage more visitors from the UAE to explore Armenia, fostering stronger tourism ties between the two nations.

One of the announcement's primary points is the start date of February 1, 2024. Citizens of the Republic of Armenia do not need to get a visa in order to enter the UAE. A maximum stay of 90 days is allowed within each 180-day period, and passengers must make sure their passport is valid for at least six months after the date of entry.

This development not only reflects the commitment of the UAE and Armenia to facilitate travel but also underscores their shared vision for building stronger connections and opportunities for mutual growth. The visa-free travel initiative is anticipated to contribute to the enhancement of diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations between the two dynamic countries.

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