UAE: Ajman Transport Authority adds 100 hybrid vehicles to taxi fleet

The Ajman Transport Authority, in collaboration with Juma Al Majid Co., has announced a significant initiative to enhance the Ajman taxi fleet with the addition of 100 eco-friendly hybrid vehicles.

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These vehicles, manufactured by Hyundai, operate on a combination of gasoline and electricity, symbolizing a concerted effort to prioritize sustainability within the realm of public transportation.

Suliman Al-Zaben, the Director of Hyundai UAE, emphasized the significance of this partnership with the Ajman Transport Authority, highlighting a shared commitment to providing innovative and environmentally conscious transportation solutions to customers across the country. With Hyundai's deep-rooted dedication to sustainability and its ongoing efforts to minimize environmental impact, the company continually seeks to enhance its services and products. Al-Zaben reiterated Hyundai's firm resolve to maintain a leading position in the domain of eco-friendly transport.

The newly integrated models into the taxi fleet are equipped with a range of safety features, including High Beam Assist (HBA), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), and more, ensuring a safe and secure travel experience for passengers.

Omar Mohammed Lootah, the Director General of the Transport Authority, affirmed the authority's unwavering commitment to forging strong partnerships aimed at advancing the country's sustainability endeavors. By collaborating with industry leaders like Juma Al Majid Co. and Hyundai, the Transport Authority demonstrates its dedication to driving positive change and promoting environmentally friendly practices within the transportation sector.

This initiative aligns with broader national and global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. By transitioning to hybrid vehicles, the Ajman taxi fleet aims to contribute to the reduction of air pollution and the preservation of natural resources while also setting a precedent for sustainable transportation practices in the region.

The partnership between the Ajman Transport Authority and Juma Al Majid Co. to introduce 100 eco-friendly hybrid vehicles to the taxi fleet signifies a significant step forward in promoting sustainability within the public transportation sector. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, this initiative underscores the commitment of both entities to driving positive change and fostering a greener future for Ajman and beyond.

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