UAE: Ajman Bank collaborates with KPMG for ESG framework development

Ajman Bank has announced a strategic collaboration with KPMG to advance its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, showcasing the bank's dedication to responsible and sustainable banking practices while supporting the UAE's sustainability goals.

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This partnership aims to formulate Ajman Bank's inaugural ESG framework, charting a roadmap and long-term vision for sustainability. Leveraging KPMG's expertise in ESG, Ajman Bank will conduct a comprehensive assessment to establish its carbon footprint baseline, identify key sustainability priorities, set achievable milestones, and pave the way for a sustainable future for the bank, its clients, and the communities it serves.

In addition to adhering to Islamic banking principles that prioritize ethical conduct and environmental stewardship, Ajman Bank underscores its commitment to responsible banking by integrating sustainability into its core operations.

Mustafa Al Khalfawi, Group CEO of Ajman Bank, emphasized that responsible banking transcends mere financial transactions, emphasizing the importance of leaving behind a sustainable legacy for future generations. He reiterated the bank's dedication to embedding sustainability into its operations, underscoring its role as a leading Islamic financial institution committed to ethical, environmental, and social governance.

Al Khalfawi highlighted the partnership with KPMG ESG Services as a significant milestone in Ajman Bank's journey towards responsible and sustainable banking. He noted that this collaboration not only aligns with the bank's strategic objectives but also contributes to the UAE's broader sustainability agenda, demonstrating its commitment to driving positive change in alignment with national priorities.

Furthermore, the UAE's designation of 2023 as a dedicated year for sustainability underscores the collective effort to promote sustainable practices across all sectors, reinforcing the importance of initiatives like Ajman Bank's partnership with KPMG in advancing the nation's sustainability goals.

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