UAE Airlines announces good news for all citizens and residents

Emirates Airlines has begun hiring cabin crew members all across the world in preparation for the impending arrival of its new Airbus A350 aircraft.

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The airline is demonstrating its dedication to providing a travel experience that is unmatched worldwide by aiming to hire 5,000 cabin crew members this year.

Appealing to Diverse Candidates

Emirates Airlines extends an invitation to individuals aspiring to embark on an exhilarating career, traversing the globe as part of the cabin crew. The focus is on recent graduates with internships or part-time experience, along with those boasting a year or more in the hospitality or customer service domain. Aspiring candidates have the opportunity to work for the world's largest international carrier, a renowned brand, and receive training from top-notch industry experts.

Global Exposure and Comprehensive

Benefits Successful candidates will become part of the thriving Emirates Airlines team, working for a brand that operates in over 140 cities across 76 countries. The job comes with a comprehensive package of benefits, making it an enticing prospect for those seeking a dynamic and rewarding career.

Qualifications and recruitment strategy

Those who wish to apply must fulfill the requirements set forth by Emirates Airlines. The airline has a global reach, and the diverse range of nationalities represented in its service crew team located in Dubai is reflected in the recruitment team's ambitions to hold open days and assessment sessions in 2024 across more than 460 cities on six continents.

Post-Pandemic Resilience and Growth

Following the pandemic, Emirates Airlines stepped up its operations in 2023, hiring over 8,000 additional members of the cabin crew. 353 cities hosted recruitment events, which caused the number of hospitality workers to soar to over 20,000 by August 2023. At present, that number is about 21 thousand people. Proactive hiring will begin in mid-2024 and go until mid-2025, before the new Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-X aircraft are added to the fleet. 205 Boeing 777-9 and 777-8 aircraft and 65 A350s are among the strategic acquisitions that aim to modernize the fleet and make it easier to add new destinations to the route network.

Comprehensive Training Program

In Emirates' cutting-edge training facilities in Dubai, a rigorous eight-week program is offered to incoming cabin crew candidates. Emirates clients will continue to get exceptional treatment in every facet of their journey because of the training's emphasis on instilling the highest standards of safety, hospitality, and service. The acquired competencies encompass successful cooperation in a multicultural team, communication, initiative, and leadership.

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