UAE adapts to education amid weather challenges with distance learning

Amidst continued obstacles caused by unexpected weather circumstances, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai has asked private schools, international institutions, and early childhood centers to offer online learning choices.

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This request is being made as the educational community gets ready to return to face-to-face instruction after a time of remote learning that was started on April 16 due to unfavorable weather.

Aisha Miran, the Director General of KHDA, along with her team, conducted inspection visits to assess the readiness of private schools and early childhood centers to resume in-person classes post-weather disruptions. Miran commended the efforts of government teams and educational leaders in ensuring a safe return to normalcy and creating a secure environment for students. The primary goal of KHDA is to elevate the standard of private education in Dubai by extending support to educational institutions, students, parents, educators, and partners. Their aim is to cultivate a high-quality educational sector that fosters happiness and enhances quality of life.

Early development facilities in Dubai have seen a sharp rise in enrolment, with a 15% annual growth rate since September 2022, according to a recent KHDA report. With over 3,000 new students entering the system in the most recent academic year, this growth pattern highlights how strong Dubai's educational system is. Presently, the emirate has about 250 early childhood facilities serving more than 23,500 kids.

The number of private schools in Dubai has also seen a notable rise, with a total of 222 schools operating in the emirate, including five newly established institutions during the current academic year. The student population has surpassed 365,000, encompassing both male and female students. KHDA conducted thorough inspections of private schools and early childhood centers to assess their readiness for resuming classes after the adverse weather conditions. This proactive approach reflects KHDA's commitment to ensuring a smooth transition back to regular educational activities.

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