UAE weather : Shops Remain Flooded, Hundreds of Cars Damaged After Heavy Rains

In the aftermath of heavy rainfall that led to flooding along the Eastern Coast of the UAE, Muzammil Khan, a 'roti' maker in Kalba, finds himself grappling with an unexpected challenge.

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Instead of focusing on baking bread, Khan's primary task now involves draining water from his tandoor, a traditional oven used for baking. Like numerous others in the area, Khan's tandoor has been inundated with stagnant water, posing a serious threat to its functionality and effectiveness.

According to Khan, the process of draining water from the tandoor has become a frequent and demanding chore as water continuously seeps into the oven from the surrounding flooded environment. He estimates that he and his colleagues must drain water from the tandoor approximately 15 times a day to prevent irreversible damage that could render it unusable. This unforeseen challenge has disrupted the bakery's operations, which typically sell close to a thousand breads daily, serving as a vital source of sustenance for the local community.

The interruption in bakery operations due to flooding is expected to result in substantial financial losses. Khan anticipates that the potential loss could exceed Dh50,000 until the floodwaters subside completely. The economic impact extends beyond small businesses like bakeries, affecting medium-scale enterprises such as building materials, engineering works, furniture, and automobile garages, collectively facing millions in losses.

Venturing into Kalba's industrial district, Ateam assessed the repercussions on businesses operating in small-scale factories, warehouses, and establishments. Nabil Mohammed, manager at Al Fesoul Metallic Doors and Windows, reported significant damage to their workshop and production unit, with water levels reaching up to 3 feet. While metals remain relatively resistant to water damage, other materials, such as paints and decorative items, are likely to have incurred losses.

Similarly, a furniture factory in Kalba suffered substantial losses in inventory, newly manufactured products, and machinery, with damages totaling several hundred thousand dirhams. The full extent of the damage remains uncertain as businesses await the receding of floodwaters to conduct comprehensive assessments and determine the precise financial impact.

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