The UAE weather authority warns residents of unstable weather tomorrow

The National Centre of Meteorology foresees a mix of partly cloudy and cloudy weather tomorrow, particularly in the coastal, northern, and eastern regions of the UAE.

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Partly cloudy with occasional rain

Rain is possible, and the temperature will drop as a result. Anticipate winds that are moderate to strong, kicking up dust and dirt, and occasionally strong over the water.

Wind and Speed Projections

The centre's daily statement highlights that the prevailing winds will be northerly and westerly, ranging between 15 and 30 km/h, with occasional intensification reaching up to 50 km/h. These winds are anticipated to contribute to turbulent to very turbulent conditions in the Arabian Gulf, especially at times.

Tidal Movements and Timings

In the Arabian Gulf, the waves are expected to be turbulent, with the first tide occurring at 12:58 and the second at 03:32. The first low tide is scheduled for 20:39, followed by the second low tide at 07:19. Over in the Sea of Oman, the waves are forecast to be light to medium. Tidal movements include the first tide at 09:34, the second high tide at 23:28, the first low tide at 16:21, and the second high tide at 05:20.

Detailed Forecast for the Seas

The northerly and westerly winds, coupled with varying wave conditions in both the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, indicate the dynamic nature of the maritime environment. Residents and sailors should exercise caution and stay updated on weather developments.

Preparedness for Dust and Dirt

With the wind speed potentially stirring up dust and dirt, residents are advised to take the necessary precautions to minimise any inconveniences. This includes securing loose items outdoors and being cautious while driving in reduced-visibility conditions.

Stay weather-aware as the UAE experiences a shift in weather patterns, promising a combination of clouds, possible rain, temperature fluctuations, and varying sea conditions. Being informed and prepared ensures a safer experience amidst these meteorological dynamics.

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