The UAE introduces 33 distinct services in the individual services category to help residents

Abu Dhabi's digital platform, Tamm, has been upgraded by the Department of Government Enablement - Abu Dhabi (DGE). The site now offers over 700 services from over 30 different government and private sector organizations.

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The platform includes 33 distinct services in the individual services category, covering identity, nationality, residencies, visas, and other related services. The goal is to streamline the process for users, allowing them to access and complete various services through a single platform.

Simplifying Residency Services

In addition to facilitating the nomination of individuals for Golden Residency (Abu Dhabi residents), implementing residency status amendments, and issuing new residency and identification cards, the platform offers a total of 23 services pertaining to residency transactions.

Citizenship Services

Among the many services made available to residents through the site are the following: opening sponsorship files, issuing or renewing Emirates IDs, passports, and family books for married nationals.

Identity Documents

As part of their identification papers service, they handle things like birth certificates, announcements of birth, requests for exceptions in humanitarian cases, certifications for age estimates, and the verification of information on birth certificates.

Instant Notifications and Payment Features

Tamm provides advance alerts on discounts, promotions, late payments, and urgent issues requiring attention. Users receive notifications about impending ID card or driver's license expirations. The platform allows users to pay monthly service bills conveniently through a live video chat feature that enables customer support representatives to assist users in completing their services.

Catering to Different Consumer Needs

The updated Tamm includes features designed to cater to determined individuals, the elderly, and investors. Features like the care center fleet for home support, the investor lounge, and the VIP Majlis aim to enhance the experiences of various consumer groups and promote the adoption of intelligent digital solutions.

Government Services

Tamm's offerings extend beyond government services to include those from Etisalat, du, DARB, Salik, ADNOC, and others through strategic partnerships. The platform incorporates a secure payment hub, allowing customers to pay multiple monthly invoices simultaneously. The Live Video Chat feature facilitates remote assistance from agents, improving support and user interaction efforts.

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