The UAE government confirm follow-up efforts to recover after the end of weather

The recent weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates prompted a swift and effective response from the government, aimed at restoring normalcy and ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, residents, and visitors.

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Under the guidance of the country's leadership, comprehensive measures were swiftly implemented by field teams to mitigate the impact of the weather situation.

Coordinated efforts involving the Ministry of Interior, police agencies, and local departments saw the deployment of 97 agencies across the nation. A substantial workforce of 17,003 from the Ministry of Interior and police leadership, supported by 15,320 members from local authorities, 558 volunteers, and contributions from 161 private sector entities, actively participated in the response operations. This collective effort involved a fleet of 5,000 vehicles equipped to handle the repercussions of the weather conditions.

The response was characterized by a high level of public engagement, with over 207,000 reports received through central operating rooms and call centers. Evacuation and shelter operations were conducted in coordination with relevant authorities, prioritizing the safety and well-being of vulnerable groups such as the elderly and people with disabilities. Medical teams were mobilized to provide essential healthcare services, including the distribution of food parcels, medicines, and other necessities.

The National Ambulance and Search and Rescue Center of the National Guard played pivotal roles, responding to numerous reports and conducting rescue missions, ensuring the swift assistance of those in need. Additionally, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority distributed thousands of food parcels and provided essential healthcare supplies to affected individuals.

Despite disruptions to air traffic, the General Authority of Civil Aviation managed to swiftly restore normal operations across the country's airports. Close collaboration between airport authorities, airlines, and service partners facilitated the implementation of diversion measures and schedule adjustments, ensuring the safety and smooth travel experience of passengers.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment emphasized the UAE's proactive approach to addressing climate change challenges, highlighting ongoing initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts and adapt to changing weather patterns. While the recent weather events underscored the increasing severity of climate change effects, the government remains committed to safeguarding the environment and enhancing resilience through collaborative efforts with various stakeholders.

The UAE's response to the recent weather situation exemplifies its commitment to ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of its populace while also addressing broader environmental challenges posed by climate change.

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