The UAE Government announces astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi as Minister of Youth

The UAE has chosen Sultan Al Neyadi, an Emirati astronaut who is widely recognized for his momentous six-month mission aboard the International Space Station, as its new Minister of State for Youth.

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The announcement was made on the X platform by Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who lauded Al Neyadi for his significant contributions to the military and space exploration.

Astronauts and Academic Achievements

Sultan Al Neyadi, a decorated astronaut with a Ph.D., has not only served his country in the military but has also made significant strides in the field of space exploration. As the first Arab astronaut to walk in space and complete a six-month mission on the International Space Station, his scientific contributions have garnered international recognition.

Closest to Youth Issues

Sheikh Mohammed emphasized Al Neyadi's proximity to youth issues, citing his dedication to serving and advancing youth. The new appointment aligns with the UAE's commitment to fostering the development of its younger generation. The Vice President expressed confidence in Al Neyadi's ability to balance his new responsibilities while continuing his scientific and space-related duties.

Vision for the Youth

Sheikh Mohammed shared his vision for the country's youth, stating that they should be firmly rooted in their land, history, and culture while aspiring to great heights. The metaphorical image of having their "feet rooted in their land" signifies a connection to heritage, while having their "necks in the sky" symbolizes aiming for ambitious goals and reaching new heights.

Support for the mission

Expressing his support for Al Neyadi's mission, Sheikh Mohammed conveyed a message of encouragement, stating, "With them, we can compete with nations and be proud of them. We are with you in this mission." The appointment of Al Neyadi reflects the UAE's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering scientific achievements, and providing exemplary role models for the nation's youth.

Future Endeavors

As Al Neyadi assumes his new role, the UAE anticipates continued advancements in both the scientific and youth-focused sectors, underscoring the nation's dedication to excellence and progress.

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