The UAE cautions residents against foggy weather and low visibility

The National Center for Meteorology has issued a vital advisory urging caution among road users and motorists. This advisory comes in light of the anticipated formation of fog and consequent low horizontal visibility in various inland and coastal areas.

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Weather Caution for Road Users

The cautionary period spans from 00:00 to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, with a particular emphasis on the western regions.

Potential Impact of Fog

The advisory underscores the potential formation of fog, which can significantly impair visibility on the roads. Motorists are urged to exercise heightened caution and adhere to traffic instructions during this period. The occurrence of fog, especially during the early morning hours, poses challenges for safe navigation, necessitating proactive measures by those on the road.

Temporal Variability

Importantly, the advisory notes the temporal variability of fog presence, indicating its intermittent nature during the specified timeframe. The dynamic conditions may result in periods of both fog formation and its absence, requiring drivers to remain vigilant and adaptable to changing visibility conditions.

Inland and coastal areas

The cautionary message is particularly directed towards both inland and coastal areas, with a specific mention of the western regions. These geographical locations are identified as prone to fog formation during the specified hours. Road users in these areas are urged to stay informed about weather updates and to adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Importance of Compliance with Traffic Instructions

In light of the potential weather challenges, strict adherence to traffic instructions is emphasized. Following prescribed traffic guidelines becomes paramount during periods of reduced visibility to enhance overall road safety. The National Center for Meteorology highlights the cooperative role of road users in maintaining a secure driving environment during adverse weather conditions.

A Unified Effort for Safe Travel

The advisory serves as a call to action for road users and motorists to prioritize safety and exercise caution during the specified period. By staying informed, following traffic instructions, and adapting to changing weather conditions, individuals contribute to a collective effort to ensure safe travel on the roads.

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