Sharjah City Municipality launches a comprehensive campaign against mosquitoes

A massive operation to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds and public health pests has been initiated by the Sharjah City Municipality.

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The campaign is targeted at regions that are susceptible to precipitation buildup. Enhancing earlier attempts to deal with recent weather disruptions, this project emphasizes the critical role field teams play in handling water buildups and weather-related difficulties. Supporting the public health system in the emirate, the program is aimed at every area of Sharjah.

Jamal Al-Mazmi, Director of the Health Control and Safety Department, emphasized the municipality's dedication to pest control and its commitment to providing comprehensive services to residents. These efforts encompass enhancements to health and environmental standards. The municipality has mobilized a workforce of 50 employees, including engineers, supervisors, and technicians specializing in pest control, equipped with various tools such as mist spraying machines and ultrafine mist sprayers. These tools are utilized to treat rainwater collection points with specialized larvicides and other insecticides, carefully selected for their effectiveness and minimal impact on human health.

Al-Mazmi reported on the municipality's year-round efforts to control mosquitoes, which include its involvement in the National Mosquito Control Program in conjunction with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Specialized teams carry out monitoring, inspection, and control tasks using state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and digital traps. These are weekly operations that target every area of Sharjah and include controlling mosquitoes in both their aquatic (larval) and flying stages.

To stop mosquitoes from multiplying, integrated control methods are used, such as draining water, covering or removing standing water, and using safe chemical treatments. In addition, specialized vehicles are used on a regular basis to target flying insects across Sharjah using space or vacuum spraying. Public awareness campaigns about mosquito control and prevention strategies are also organized using a variety of platforms, such as social media, educational institutions, and community organizations.

All things considered, the municipality's all-encompassing approach to pest control highlights its dedication to protecting the public's health and improving Sharjah citizens' quality of life.

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