Sharjah Bans New Year Eve Celebrations in Solidarity with Gaza

The approaching New Year's Eve in Sharjah will be markedly different this year, devoid of the usual festivities and fireworks, as the police announced a ban on such celebrations.

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The decision is not a mere precautionary measure but a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, who continue to face the ravages of war.

Ban Imposed to Express Solidarity with Palestinians

In a statement issued on Tuesday night, the Sharjah police underscored the significance of the ban, emphasizing its alignment with the plight of Palestinians in the war-torn Gaza Strip. The move serves as a poignant expression of support and sympathy during a time of ongoing conflict that has claimed the lives of over 20,000 individuals, with an alarming 70% of the casualties being women and children.

Legal Consequences for Violators

The police authorities were unequivocal about the consequences of any violations of the ban, affirming that legal action will be taken against those who disregard the directive. The stern warning extends to both institutions and individuals, urging them to comply with the imposed restrictions.

Escalating conflict in Gaza

The decision is made in the context of Israel and Hamas' ongoing hostilities. Israel has intensified its military operations in Gaza, threatening "no peace" until Hamas is destroyed. The head of the Israeli army hopes for a protracted fight, indicating that it would last for "many more months."

Humanitarian Crisis and Displacement in Gaza

In the Gaza Strip, a growing humanitarian crisis is a result of the battle. The 2.4 million people living in Gaza have struggled with acute shortages of basic supplies like food, gasoline, water, and medical supplies ever since the siege began. The minimal amount of aid that has reached the region has made the issue worse. The UN estimates that the continuous confrontations have resulted in the displacement of 1.9 million Gazans, worsening the already poor situation in the area.

The ban on New Year's Eve celebrations in Sharjah serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by the people of Gaza and a solemn expression of solidarity during these challenging times.

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