Qatar Airways unveils an AI-powered cabin crew in Dubai

The upcoming AI-powered cabin crew will be on display at Dubai's Arabian Travel Market (ATM), where guests will be able to engage with Qatar Airways' Sama 2.0.

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During the upcoming event, this creative digital crew member will be on hand to assist visitors in creating tailored travel experiences, respond to real-time requests, and offer information on destinations, commonly asked questions, and support advice, among other services.

ATM participants will have the opportunity to interact with Sama 2.0 during the event, which is set to take place from May 6 to 9, 2024, at the Qatari Airways booth in Hall No. 2 of the Dubai World Trade Center. Customers of Qatar Airways can also communicate virtually with Sama 2.0 via the airline's smartphone application or immersive digital platform, QVerse.

The regional carrier originally debuted Sama 2.0, a holographic virtual cabin crew, at ITB Berlin in March of that year. This project coincides with the airline industry's technological improvements, providing passengers with a unique and interactive experience. The growth of AI-powered entities in several industries, including aviation, has received global attention. Sophia, a humanoid robot, was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in 2017, marking an important milestone in the integration of AI into society.

Qatar Airways recently announced the appointment of Badr Mohammed Al-Meer as the group CEO, succeeding the long-time CEO Akbar Al Baker. Al-Meer shared insights into the airline's plans, mentioning the high demand for First Class services and the introduction of a newly designed First Class cabin unique to Qatar Airways. This endeavor aims to blend the commercial flying experience with executive jet services, reflecting the airline's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As preparations for the unveiling of the new First Class cabin progress, Qatar Airways anticipates sharing further details, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

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