New UAE Police Traffic Rules and Penalties Unveiled

The Abu Dhabi Police Department is urging the people to concentrate on safety during the 52nd Federation Day celebrations. To avoid accidents, this warning emphasizes following traffic rules, driving responsibly, and following car ornamentation regulations. The department wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

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Creating a Secure Celebration Environment

The Abu Dhabi Police Department hopes to provide a safe environment in which the community may observe the event without disruption. The department demonstrates its dedication to guaranteeing a smooth and incident-free celebration by handling potential emergencies on major roadways, land areas, and designated celebration venues.

Abu Dhabi Police Issues Directives for Public Safety

In a proactive move, the Abu Dhabi Police Department issues directives for the public to follow. Compliance with these directions is crucial for the safety of those present at celebration sites and visitors to wilderness areas. The department emphasizes refraining from actions that could pose harm during the festivities.

Enhanced Safety Measures for Celebrations

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has announced enhanced patrols strategically deployed according to traffic congestion to ensure the safety of celebrations. This initiative seeks to enhance safety in retail centers and other event venues across the emirate.

Warnings and Pleas for Responsible Behavior

Standing on vehicles, reckless driving, causing traffic delays, and incorrect parking are among the acts covered by the police warnings. Motorists are asked to be cautious around pedestrians, especially around crossing points, and to emphasize the protection of youngsters, especially in areas near parks and tourist attractions.

Zero Tolerance for Recklessness

The Abu Dhabi Police Department emphasizes zero tolerance for reckless behavior that endangers lives. Families are urged to monitor their children and discourage dangerous activities like parades and racing on highways during Federation Day celebrations.

Educating and Protecting Young Motorcyclists

In particular, parents have a responsibility to teach their children about safe driving habits and road safety regulations. This includes keeping their motorcycles safe, donning the proper safety gear, and refraining from driving carelessly.

Continuous Vigilance

The Abu Dhabi Police Department demonstrates its dedication to public safety by making sure the command and control center runs continuously and responds to calls and reports on time. This 24-hour operation protects people, property, and national interests while attending to emergencies and urgent pleas in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra.

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