Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre announces implementation of 15 varied projects

Engineer Salem Al Marri, Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, highlighted the significant strides made by the UAE in space exploration, notably with projects like the MBZ-Sat, a monumental achievement entirely crafted by Emirati expertise.

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is currently immersed in over 15 space ventures, ranging from smaller-scale initiatives to endeavours focusing on satellite-derived data. Among these, standout projects include the MBZ-Sat, named after His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the lunar space station endeavour, and astronaut training rograms. Additionally, the Centre is collaborating with the United Nations on the FI project, aiming to facilitate space sector entry for emerging nations.

Al Marri underscored the MBZ-Sat's significance as one of the Centre's flagship projects, entirely conceived and constructed by Emirati talent. Weighing a tonne, this satellite epitomises the realisation of the nation's vision to cultivate local capabilities, with substantial involvement from the private sector in lunar industry ventures.

Reflecting on the centre's evolution since its establishment in 2006 with just three members, Al Marri celebrated its growth to a workforce of 250 employees. Many former members have assumed leadership roles across various sectors, a testament to the Centre's impact on national talent development. Aligned with the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Centre prioritises human capital development over technological prowess. The goal is to expand the workforce to 350 employees within the next decade.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is committed to bolstering the space sector's economic contribution and elevating the UAE's global space presence. Strategic alliances with private enterprises, particularly those engaged in space manufacturing, are pivotal to advancing the sector's competitiveness.

By fostering a supportive ecosystem within the Dubai Free Zone (Silicon Oasis), the Centre has encouraged over 10 startup companies to enter the space sector. These initiatives aim to nurture local talent, promote technological innovation, and strengthen the UAE's position as a hub for space exploration.

The MBZ-Sat, epitomising Emirati ingenuity, showcases the remarkable progress achieved by the country's private sector in the space industry. With significant contributions to mechanical and electronic systems, alongside cable manufacturing, this satellite heralds a new era of space exploration set to launch in the latter half of this year.

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