Indian pilot removed from duties after aircraft hard landing in Dubai reported

An Air India pilot has been removed from duty following a substantial landing in Dubai after a flight from Kochi on December 20, as per reports from Indian media.

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Investigation and derostering:

The Times of India has reported that the aircraft's landing in Dubai was less than smooth, prompting an inquiry. The airline spokesperson mentioned that an investigation, following the rules set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, has commenced. Until the investigation is concluded, the pilot will not be permitted to operate flights.

Safety Measures and Extensive Checks:

Despite the less-than-smooth landing, the aircraft managed to come to a safe stop. The safety of the passengers and the aircraft was prioritized, leading to the grounding of the plane in Dubai for a week. During this period, comprehensive checks were conducted on the A320 aircraft. It's noteworthy that the aircraft, being relatively new, reportedly avoided significant damage to its landing gear during the hard landing.

Return to Service:

After extensive checks and ensuring that the aircraft was airworthy, it was granted approval to fly back to India. The grounding period allowed for a thorough examination to guarantee the aircraft's operational safety.

Current Status:

Flight tracking data indicates that the A320 aircraft involved in the incident has not been in operation since the landing in Dubai. This suggests that, as of the latest information available, the plane remains grounded, potentially undergoing further assessments or necessary maintenance before resuming flights.

Such incidents are taken seriously in the aviation industry, and the stringent protocols and investigations are designed to uphold safety standards and identify any contributing factors to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The removal of the pilot from duty during the investigation underscores the commitment to safety and adherence to regulatory procedures.

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